Showcasing one of Britain’s most stylish and highly regarded cycling brands on film.

Over the last 12 months we (in the office) have all really been getting into our cycling and kept noticing the brand Hunt wheels gaining press coverage for their 5* reviews, innovative products and stylish design. When we realised they were local to our studio in Sussex, we reached out to them to see if they were interested in producing a video to showcase their brand, product and beliefs. Our Creative Director, James Beer, already had a vision of what style video would showcase their brand.


We are extremely proud of the final video, but just as important was what we learnt from the challenges of filming this type of video.

Firstly, the video needed pace and energy which meant filming bikes at speed. We wanted to get across that these riders take their cycling seriously and that means going as hard and fast for as long as their bodies can go. This meant consulting local police authorities, using specialist car equipment and some improvisation. We used a variety of methods during our first test shoot and this became very important for for trial and error. From skateboarding with a gimbal down to simply securing the GoPro to the side of a car window we found some successful ways to make the shot as smooth and sleek as possible.


Secondly, The idea of the film was to remain local and true to its roots in Sussex. this is a company that has been developing wheels that survive the year round harsh conditions of the British countryside. We needed to capture the conditions and coutryside where Hunt are inspired, we brought in our good friends the expert drone company Xaviate who came down for the day with two drones which we flew over Devil’s Dyke, Mill Hill and Firle Beacon. 6am starts and freezing conditions didn’t stop the guys from flying these magnificent machines and acquiring some of the most stunning footage of bikes and the Downs I have ever seen. They used Dji Phantom 3 pro and DJI s900 with 4k cameras to capture the footage.  



Now we have finally finished the video after months of hard work we have decided that high end promotional videos for established brands needed a new place to sit as Logo Logo Ltd is known for its websites, logos, infographics etc and adding video to that list just didn’t make sense. So I have set up EAST Studio to house unique and stylised videos that really dares brands to push their boundaries. Collaborating with other strong creatives in the industry we aim to cover a wide variety of interesting and exciting areas. Looking at our passions and interests we will only work with companies we truly believe in.

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