Logo Logo’s (slightly delayed) ‘First Post’ of the year

This is the first and definitely not the last post for Logo Logo. Our aim is not to be one of those companies that puts up a ‘hello there…’ post then leaves it till the next year to shamefully admit defeat. We aim to fill this space with interesting updates about our projects, our findings and general reviews and tit bits that we like to geek out on. Expect lots of photography and videos good and bad.

I haven’t got time to go into the entire Logo Logo history and your probably not that interested so I’ll just sling this post up and hope you come back now and again to see if we’ve kept our promise.


some of the logos we’ve done this month

A quick overview of the year so far (inhales deeply); Branding for a new TV show called ‘Pitbull Motors’ in the US, branding for ‘Chapter XIII’ a local tattoo and art shop/gallery in Brighton. Finished a sports logo for a top level athlete trainer ‘AW Performance’, a 2 week timelpase video project for ’15 Gifts’ in Brighton (film editing in production), genre defining web pages for ‘Universal’ music on Udiscover. Mobile UX design for ‘Active Inbox’ a Gmail software company, ‘Social Media Leadership Forum’ event designs. Designed a complete PR conference in San Francisco for ‘The Holmes Report’. Did a super quick Infographic for ‘Homeaway’ to go on the ITV news. There are more projects i’ve missed off the list but this gives you an idea of a normal month at Logo Logo HQ.




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